Wi-Fi Alliance adds faster way to certify products

The Wi-Fi Alliance is introducing a new certification path that’s supposed to lead to a simpler, lower cost option for getting products Wi-Fi Certified.

Called QuickTrack, the new program allows Wi-Fi Alliance members to build products based on Qualified Solutions – modules, chipsets, and other solutions that have undergone prerequisite testing. Thus, it should make the whole process go faster and easier.

Using the QuickTrack process, product developers can pursue certification by testing new Wi-Fi products based on “trusted Qualified Solutions” designed to meet industry-agreed Wi-Fi Certified requirements.  

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With so many users relying on Wi-Fi every day, and more devices coming to market to meet new schemes like Wi-Fi 6 and 6E, it’s no wonder the alliance is looking to simplify things.

“Whether certifying an enterprise-grade access point or IoT gadget, Wi-Fi Alliance provides tailored testing options to ensure high-quality Wi-Fi,” said Kevin Robinson, SVP of Marketing at the Wi-Fi Alliance, via email. “QuickTrack enables Wi-Fi product vendors to introduce quality devices into the market faster by relying on Qualified Solutions which have already completed Wi-Fi functionality testing. QuickTrack builds upon the testing already completed for core Wi-Fi components, lowering testing costs and reducing the time needed to complete Wi-Fi certification testing.”

With the addition of QuickTrack, the organization now offers three paths to certify Wi-Fi products – with the others being FlexTrack and Derivative. QuickTrack offers the added ability to conduct tests at a member’s own testing site or at an authorized test laboratory, the alliance said.

The Wi-Fi Alliance, which has more than 800 member companies, already has seen the first devices certified using the new QuickTrack path, which include devices from Midea Group and Microchip.