Moodle 4.0 – New look, better user experience

Moodle has introduced a new contemporary interface, an intuitive tabbed navigation and a redefined course experience that makes it easier for educators or trainers to create and edit courses. It is also aimed at assisting learners to reduce distractions and prioritize course work.

Focus on learning

Moodle LMS 4.0 makes it easier for learners to prioritize and complete work.

One-click for all your learning content

  • View course structure at a glance and always keep track of where you are
  • Navigate to any content
  • Quickly spot pending tasks and activities

Less scrolling, more learning

  • Reduce the amount of visible content on the screen to improve concentration
  • Focus on smaller bits of information at a time

Reduce distractions

  • Collapse the blocks area to focus on content
  • Additional information is always at hand when you need it

Manage your learners efficiently
Moodle LMS 4.0 makes it easier for learning to stay on top of course requirements.

Prioritize and manage your deadlines

  • View deadlines for all your courses in the Dashboard
  • Plan and schedule your work in the Calendar

All your courses in one place

  • Sort and find your courses in the new ‘My Courses’ page
  • Navigate easily between courses and quickly get where you need to be

Know what to do, what has been done and what’s next

  • See at a glance what you need to do to complete an activity
  • Keep track of deadlines and ensure you meet course requirements

Create great learning experiences
Moodle LMS 4.0 makes it easier for educators or trainers to create and edit courses.

Choose the best activity for your learning objectives

  • Organize your content in seconds
  • Get an overview of the whole course structure
  • Rearrange your course easily by dragging and dropping sections and activities

Foster engagement with video conferencing

  • Built-in video conferencing with BigBlueButton’s open source solution
  • Share audio, video and slides, create breakout rooms, chat, share notes, and interact on the whiteboard in real time
  • Get analytics on each session and on user participation

Keep your learners updated

  • Notify your learners of changes in their courses via email and mobile app alerts

Make learning accessible for everyone

  • Enhanced accessibility for screen readers and keyboard navigation in Moodle’s text editor

Make informed decisions
Build custom reports with data that matters to you:

  • Drag and drop interface with instance preview
  • Schedule regular reports and share them with others in your organization

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