UC Riverside Enters Subscription-based Service with Google Cloud

Some universities are modernizing their infrastructure to offer researchers an opportunity to advance and accelerate research in unprecedented ways.

For one, the University of California, Riverside (UCR), university is removing administrative barriers to propel new research initiatives, according to Matthew Gunkel, Associate Vice Chancellor and CIO of Information Technology Solutions UCR. “We believe this will drive increased research output and a subsequent increase in campus funding, global recognition, and prestigious academic researchers coming to work for the University,” he said.

The university has chosen Google Cloud as their partner to modernize the enterprise infrastructure and support its cutting-edge research program. This collaboration will drive faster research results by increasing computing speed, agility, and scale for researchers, and improve collaboration across other Research I institutions. Google Cloud provides UCR with flexibility to propel the way research is done in the cloud while maximizing the opportunities to solve for the world’s most pressing challenges.

Innovative services will support the University’s mission through:

  • Advanced research computing services that provide researchers with access to secure research workstations and storage, auto-scaling high-performance computing clusters, infinity scaling databases, and AI and machine-learning services through the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Location-agnostic modernization strategy to spin up, scale up, and scale down services as needed.
  • Enterprise-wide availability to data and business intelligence services for cohesive analytics to derive valuable insights and access.
  • Improved campus information security which allows the university to provide more comprehensive threat detection, analysis, and response.

Google Cloud Increases Research Horizons

“Not all researchers are computer scientists but many of us still require immense computational resources to do scientific research,” said Dr. Bryan Wong, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at UCR. “This new paradigm for research eases a burden on the University’s research community.” With their access to advanced computational resources, researchers will be able to analyze large data sets at petabyte scale in minutes, perform more complex simulations and modeling, and add or scale services and storage as needed.

“Our partnership is helping to make research accessible and cost-efficient for UCR faculty and students, at a time when improved research outcomes, increased productivity, and collaboration are more important than ever,” said Karen Dahut, CEO of Google Public Sector. “Our work with UCR allows researchers to focus on the science while Google Public Sector powers the enterprise infrastructure facilitating the innovation.”

About Google Cloud

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