Accenture and VMware partner to help companies move to the cloud

Accenture is partnering with VMware to help clients move their businesses to the cloud. The new partnership is part of Accenture Cloud First, which Accenture committed $3 billion to and debuted last September. The goal of Accenture Cloud First is to help clients across all industries become cloud-first businesses and accelerate their digital transformation.

The Accenture VMware partnership will focus on training Accenture workers on VMware technologies as well as developing new services using VMware products. The two companies also will work on vertical industry solutions, including a platform to help telecom firms accelerate their rollout of 5G and edge computing.

The Accenture VMware group also will launch a specialized VMware Cloud Migration Factory that will help companies quickly and securely migrate computing workloads to the cloud. The Migration Factory will give clients access to dedicated resources to help them plan, test and migrate applications to their public, private and hybrid clouds.

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Karthik Narain heads up the Accenture Cloud First Group. Narain most recently was the lead for Accenture Technology in North America. He’s also worked on many Accenture programs for clients across a variety of sectors including software and platforms, financial services and high tech.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many companies to accelerate their use of the cloud. According to Gartner, the global public cloud services market was a $242.7 billion business in 2019 and was expected to grow 6.3% in 2020.

Cloud services make up a big part of Accenture’s revenues. In fiscal year 2019 Accenture reported $11 billion in cloud revenue.