Aryaka adds HybridWAN and zone-based firewalls to SD-WAN portfolio

To give its customers a cost-effective and flexible WAN option, Aryaka announced its HybridWAN solution on Tuesday.

HybridWAN extends Aryaka's global managed SD-WAN solution to sites where a combination of Aryaka's Layer 2 core connectivity and Aryaka-managed internet connectivity provides customers with more choices.

"The whole hybrid WAN capability falls into this uber trend of internet first architectures for enterprises where they want the flexibility to run whatever applications over any architecture they see fit," said Aryaka's David Ginsburg, vice president of product marketing. "This really falls into the desire of some our customers that say 'OK, I'll use the Aryaka core for mission critical traffic for areas that have a great deal of connectivity issues.' But, in some cases—say within a region where there's good broadband internet connectivity or non-mission critical applications such as transfers or backups at night—they can use broadband internet quite effectively.

"This really gives them that option, but at the same time they have visibility, they have manageability and they have control over both connections," he said

The enterprise WAN has migrated from leased-lines and legacy technologies, such as MPLS, to a hybrid infrastructure that offers various connectivity options. In addition to flexibility, HybridWAN also offers customers a view of their traffic through Aryaka's portal.

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If there's a connectivity issue over Aryaka's core option, such as traffic from the last mile into an Aryaka point-of-presence (PoP), traffic can failover to HybridWAN

HybridWAN can also help enterprises consolidate their branch appliances, which can lower total cost of ownership. The hardware element that enables HybridWAN at the edge is the Aryaka Network Access Point (ANAP) devices.

“This is an important upgrade for Aryaka, showing that it’s building a more sophisticated global network with SLAs that can compete with larger service providers that are moving into offering SD-WAN managed service offerings," said Scott Raynovich, the founder and chief analyst of Futuriom.

Aryaka’s HybridWAN is combined with two additional features to help secure SD-WAN adoption; zone-based firewall capabilities and micro-segmentation to multi-tenancy.

Zones extend Aryaka’s existing north-south Layer 4 access firewall to east-west, such as separating employee, DMZ, and external LANs. Aryaka's list of firewall partners includes Palo Alto, Zscaler and Symantec.

Micro-segmentation then extends this partitioning, either within a single enterprise or as part of a multi-tenant branch, across the SD-WAN. A large enterprise could use the multi-tenant capability to separate different branches of subsidiaries while a systems integrator could use it to keep separate clients.

“For enterprises undergoing digital transformation, Aryaka’s new capabilities further ease SD-WAN adoption, by offering flexible WAN connectivity and security options,” said Lee Doyle, principal analyst at Doyle Research, in a statement. “A managed SD-WAN offering that integrates connectivity, security, application optimization, and multi-cloud access helps shield the enterprise from operational complexity and increase their WAN transformation ROI.”