AT&T’s CWA-represented California, Nevada wireline workers settle strike

Communications Workers of America (CWA) said that 17,000 AT&T wireline technicians and call center employees in California and Nevada will return to work Thursday after walking off the job Wednesday morning in protest of the company’s actions.

As part of an agreement settled late Wednesday night between the CWA and AT&T management, the company will no longer require technicians to perform work assignments outside of their expertise and classification.

“We stand together in California and Nevada for good jobs and fair pay,” said Robert Longer, an AT&T technician in Sacramento. “We went on strike to demonstrate to the country that we will not do more work for less pay, especially when it puts us in a position not to deliver the best possible service.”

AT&T also confirmed the end of the short strike in an e-mail to FierceTelecom.

“The brief grievance strike has been resolved and employees are returning to work today,” an AT&T spokesman said in a statement to FierceTelecom.

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On Wednesday, workers at  AT&T call centers and offices throughout California and Nevada picketed at dozens of locations across the two states with major picket lines in Los Angeles, Reno, Fresno, Sacramento, Bakersfield, Carson City, Tustin, San Diego and San Francisco.

Negotiations for a new contract that covers 17,000 AT&T landline and broadband workers in California and Nevada continue.  

Additionally, about 2,200 DirecTV satellite and warehouse workers in California and Nevada who joined CWA in April 2016 are in negotiations with AT&T for a first contract. CWA said the workers are “growing increasingly frustrated with the company’s attempts to shortchange California and Nevada working families and communities.” 

In related news, AT&T said on its union negotiation site that AT&T Midwest will begin early negotiations this week with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) System Council T-3 for a contract covering nearly 5,000 wireline employees located primarily in Illinois and northwestern Indiana.

The IBEW employees covered under the contract are members of IBEW Local 21 in Illinois and northwestern Indiana, and of other IBEW locals spread across the country. The contract expires on June 24, 2017. These negotiations are expected to cover wages, benefits, pension and work rules.