AT&T won't pursue suit against homeowner for slippery walkway

AT&T has decided to not pursue litigation against a Chicago-based property owner after one of the phone giant's technicians broke his leg after falling on a slippery walkway.

Thinking that all AT&T technicians were bonded and insured, Chicago resident Steve Czerwein was a taken aback when he received a letter from AT&T stating that he would have to foot $3,000 in medical expenses. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Czerwein, who rents a home to an elderly couple stated that a snow removal service had shoveled and salted the walkway two days earlier. Had AT&T pursued him for the disability payments, Czerwein would have had to file a claim and subsequently his rates would have gone up.

Czerwein got the last word, however. Feeling he was being "bullied" by a large company, Czerwein decided to air his case on a local radio station. After telling his story, Sedgwick Claims Management Services, which administers AT&T's workman's compensation program, sent him a letter apologizing and saying it would not pursue the case further.

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