Atlantic Broadband changes name to Breezeline in a nod to growth

Atlantic Broadband, the eighth largest cable operator in the U.S., rebranded itself Breezeline, a name meant to showcase the company’s growing footprint and commitment to a streamlined customer experience.

As part of its rebranding effort, the company plans to launch a new “cloud-based, web-powered” Breezeline Stream TV service which will allow customers to access programming on devices both inside and outside the home. The service will go live in select markets early this year, with more cities expected to be added throughout 2022. Breezeline will also roll out a new customer app in early 2022.

These changes follow earlier efforts to improve self-service options, enhance the online experience and simplify pricing. Broadband plans start at $34.99 for download speeds of 50 Mbps and range up to $59.99 for 1 Gbps. The company’s website states there are no data caps or hidden fees. Its internet and TV bundle includes speeds of 400 Mbps and 50+ channels for $69.97 per month.

“The Breezeline name was chosen to convey our commitment to providing easy access to connected experiences for our customers,” Breezeline VP of Marketing Julie Sullivan said in a statement.

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Breezeline President Frank van der Post noted the new moniker also reflects the company’s growing footprint. The company’s service area hitherto covered 12 states primarily along the East Coast. But Breezeline recently acquired two market areas in Ohio from WideOpenWest (WOW!) for $1.13 billion in a deal which was announced in June and closed in September.

Additionally, Breezeline last month detailed plans to spend $82 million to push fiber to 70,000 new locations in New Hampshire and West Virginia.

“We’re no longer just an East Coast provider, and we’ve long offered much more than broadband, so our company identity must evolve with us,” van der Post stated. “The name Breezeline marks the beginning of a new, exciting era of transforming our company through new growth, while also elevating the customer experience through enhanced customer care options, innovative products and investment in the latest technologies.”

The name change is effective immediately for most of Breezeline’s markets, as well as on the company’s website and social media. However, its newly acquired Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio markets will continue to operate under the WOW! name for now before switching to the Breezeline branding by this summer.