CenturyLink enhances VMware-based DCC platform, touts software-defined data center approach

CenturyLink is giving businesses the option to migrate to a hybrid cloud environment that balances public cloud agility with the security and dedicated infrastructure of a private offering with its DCC (Dedicated Cloud Compute) Foundation.

Based on VMware Cloud Foundation and high-performance HPE ProLiant servers, CenturyLink’s DCC Foundation is a fully private service that offers customers an updated architecture moving to a converged, software-defined data center (SDDC) model to help businesses overcome challenges of lengthy provisioning, configuration errors and costly processes by automating labor-intensive tasks and operationalizing private cloud on-demand.

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Available now to customers and partners in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, this enhanced dedicated cloud service is built on one of the largest integrated solutions networks and supported by thousands of experienced CenturyLink support staff with advanced certifications.

Ease of use

The new enhanced service is focused on helping businesses and other partners get more out of a managed cloud service. Built on VMware Cloud Foundation, DCC Foundation is a cloud infrastructure platform that accelerates IT's time-to-market by providing a factory-integrated cloud infrastructure stack. 

The platform includes a complete set of software-defined services for computing, storage, networking and security. DCC Foundation combines VMware Cloud Foundation with HPE ProLiant servers and automation and management capabilities to deliver an enterprise-grade, globally available service with consistent customer experience across private and public clouds.

CenturyLink said that integration of DCC Foundation with CenturyLink Cloud Application Manager further enhances support of multitiered hybrid-cloud configurations.

"The software-defined data center approach enables the flexible delivery of enterprise applications connected to our global network across 32 hosting locations on four continents,” said David Shacochis, VP of Hybrid IT product management for CenturyLink, in a release.

Multitier platform

As a multielement platform, CenturyLink's DCC Foundation delivers on four main elements to assist businesses in their migration to hybrid cloud environments:

Reduced security risks: Microsegmentation allows for security policies to be applied across the data center, with granular firewalling by workload. IT teams can define security policies and controls for each workload based on dynamic security groups, enabling immediate responses to threats inside the data center and enforcement down to the individual virtual machine.

Global deployment options: Customizable configurations can be deployed across multiple data centers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, with scale options from four nodes to multiple 32-node configurations. Customers can use Managed Services Anywhere from CenturyLink to provide application life-cycle management through CenturyLink Cloud Application Manager.

Agile enterprise applications with hybrid cloud: Businesses can replicate entire application environments to remote data centers for disaster recovery, move them around their corporate data centers, or deploy them in a hybrid cloud environment without disrupting the applications. DCC Foundation leverages vCloud Availability to facilitate self-service migration of VMware workloads from customers' present environments to their new CenturyLink environment.

Predictable performance: DCC Foundation is built on best-of-breed Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) ProLiant servers, helping to ensure predictable, high-performance operations for hyperconverged infrastructures on which to deliver critical business applications.

“With this service, businesses can rapidly deploy new workloads and innovations in an easily scalable, highly secure environment,” Shacochis said.

CenturyLink’s expanded managed private cloud service builds on the strategic collaboration the service provider previously began with VMware as a way to assist enterprise customers in their transition to a hybrid cloud architecture. Earlier this year, CenturyLink worked with VMware to deepen the level of SDDC technologies available to enterprise customers. This collaboration will help preserve and enhance customer investments in on-premises data centers and extend strategic workloads and applications to the cloud.