Chattanooga's EPB increases speeds, lowers prices on its FTTH products

EPB Fiber, the Chattanooga, Tenn.-based utility telco service provider known for its 1G Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) service, has realigned the structure of its speed and pricing regime.

The latest speed and prices emerged during the recent Hackanooga event that ended Sunday where developers work on possible applications that use Gigabit FTTH speeds.

EPB Fiber is bumping up speeds on three of its current levels: 30/30 will increase to 50/50 for $57.99; 50/50 climbs to 100/100 for $69.99; and 100/100 jumps to 250/250 for $139.99.

In addition, the price of its flagship symmetrical 1G tier has been reduced from $349.99 to $299.99.

While major cable MSOs, including local operator Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA), have been responding to the higher speed FTTH offerings made by the likes of Verizon (NYSE: VZ) and their 300 Mbps tier, it's clear cable's best offerings don't come close to what EPB can offer.

Comcast's 105/20 tier is priced at $115 per month plus the price of the modem rental, while Chattanooga EPB customers can get 250 Mbps symmetric service for $139.

Even though there has been a fair share of municipal telco failures in recent years, EPB is a bit of an anomaly with over 40,000 customers subscribing to its services.

Danna Bailey, V.P. of Corporate Communications for EPB Fiber, said in a recent interview with FierceTelecom that many of its telecom customers are bundling services.

"Roughly 80 percent of our customers subscribe to two or more products," she said. "We don't have many customers subscribing to one product."

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