Ciena, Internet2 and Juniper boot up 400GE long haul link between Chicago and Denver

Ciena, Internet2 and Juniper Networks announced they have provisioned live traffic over a 1,367-mile circuit using a single 400-gigabit Ethernet link.

The end-to-end 400G link was the first for an advanced research and education network, according to Internet2's press release. The 400G path uses a new open line system capable of 400G and 800G wavelengths that Internet2, Ciena and CenturyLink are deploying as the first segments of Internet2's next generation infrastructure initiative.

The live traffic ran during a trial between StarLight in Chicago and SCinet at the SC Conference in Denver this week on the 400 gigabit Ethernet link connecting two Juniper PTX 10003 core routers.

Internet2 is using Ciena's Waveserver 200G-800G coherent optics. Ciena's coherent optics will allow Internet2 to roll out 800G wavelengths in metro locations while supporting 400GE interconnects over native 400G wavelengths between Internet2's points-of-presence (PoPs.)

"Along with our partners, we are thrilled to continue to support the R&E community with their advanced technology infrastructure needs," said Howard Pfeffer, president and CEO of Internet2, in a statement. "The 400 gigabit Ethernet link on the new Internet2 open line system is utilizing state-of-the-art solutions from Ciena that will ultimately extend network programmability and scalability to our regional partners. Together with services from CenturyLink and demonstration switches from Juniper this SC Conference deployment is a model example of the kind of capacity we expect the U.S. R&E community to benefit from with the Next Generation Infrastructure program."

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Last month, Internet2, a non-profit technology community, announced it had picked Ciena's photonic and coherent optical gear to upgrade its network to a more scalable and programmable architecture. Internet2’s core infrastructure components include the nation’s largest and fastest research and education network.

The upgraded network, which connects several hundred universities, government agencies, and community anchor institutions across the U.S., will help Internet2 increase capacity at reduced operating costs to directly support advanced research efforts.

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Ciena was also in the news this week as one of the vendors that helped enable AT&T's 400-gigabit optical connection that is carrying live traffic between Dallas and Atlanta.

After posting less than stellar earnings results over the past few quarters, Cisco and Juniper Networks are banking on more 400G deployments and trials next to bolster their bottom lines.