Colt makes a FastConnect to the cloud with Oracle

Colt Technology Services is now providing dedicated, private and on-demand access to Oracle Cloud via Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect.

With enterprises moving more applications, such as Office 365, and workloads to the cloud, FastConnect provides a flexible way for companies in the U.K. to connect their data centers to Oracle Cloud with high bandwidth and low latency. Oracle FastConnect enables private connection to software-as-a-service, platform-as-as-service and infrastructure-as-a-service with better connectivity than Internet-based services.

For the connections to Oracle Cloud, Colt is leveraging its Colt IQ Network, which is a 100 Gbps optimized network that's distributed to data centers and data network connection points globally. The Colt IQ Network, which launched in 2016, connects high bandwidth services to more than 900 connected data centers across Europe, Asia and North America, with more than 27,500 on-net buildings. In October, Colt announced it had upgraded its Colt IQ Network by deploying more advanced optical technology from Ciena.

Using FastConnect, Colt On Demand for Cloud Infrastructure gives customers the ability to self-provision their connectivity on the fly to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and other Oracle cloud services.

“These next few years are going to see the momentum shift for enterprises who are starting to migrate more and more business-critical applications to the cloud," said Colt's Keri Gilder, chief commercial officer, in a statement. "In order to experience a truly successful cloud migration, you need a network that reacts in the same way as the cloud – flexibly and intuitively.

“By deepening our relationship with Oracle, a best-in-class network is being paired with a best-in-class cloud platform, and we know this partnership will enable enterprises to enter the next decade in the best possible position; able to digitally evolve and thrive." 

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Wednesday's announcement was a follow up to Colt and Oracle's initial cloud relationship that was announced in 2018.  

“Enterprise customers require seamless secure connectivity from their data centers and networks to Oracle Cloud for their most demanding workloads and applications,” said Vinay Kumar, vice president, product management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, in a statement. “The expanded collaboration between Colt and Oracle will allow enterprises who rely on latency sensitive enterprise applications, big data and high-performance computing to really make the most of their cloud environment.

"Usage of Oracle’s highly secure Generation 2 Cloud via the dedicated private line connection that’s pre-configured with Colt gives enterprise customers the performance, compatibility and security they require to run their most demanding workloads in cloud, and easily connect them with the workloads they continue to run in their own data centers.”