Deutsche Telekom tees up more Microsoft cloud services

Deutsche Telekom is expanding the availability of Microsoft's cloud services across Central and Eastern Europe to provide new services to SMBs and large organizations.

DT is using Microsoft Azure's public cloud platform to provide Dynamics 365 and Office 365 solutions across nine countries. The cloud offers cover Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece.

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The expanded cloud services build upon the strategic partnership between the two companies that was announced last year. DT is providing the cloud services as a means to accelerate businesses' digital transformations across the nine countries.

DT said the automated services would allow its customers to turn up cloud adoption within minutes, which could save customers between 30% and 50% on the cost of their IT operations when compared to traditional on-premises solutions. DT is adding its own security packages into Microsoft's cloud-based offerings. 

Going forward, enterprises will be able to use DT's core business services and applications in conjunction with the Microsoft cloud services.

In preparation for the deployment of the cloud services, DT said it has hundreds of Microsoft-certified specialists as well as experts on cloud transformation. DT will be adding more specialists and experts across the nine countries.

DT said it has more than 60,000 cloud systems running for its business customers worldwide, and that it will adapt the Microsoft cloud solutions according to the demand of its clients.