DT's T-Systems connects public cloud with supercomputing service

Deutsche Telekom said its IT subsidiary, T-Systems, has linked its Open Telekom Cloud with one of Europe's top supercomputers.

The connection between T-System's Open Telekom Cloud, which is based on OpenStack, and the HLRS high-performance computing center in Stuttgart, Germany, will improve performance and spur product development and research, according to T-Systems.

T-Systems said it's the first public cloud in the world to be integrated with a scalable supercomputing service.

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The supercomputing center in Stuttgart is directly connected to the Open Telekom Cloud via a high-speed, secure line, which allows users to combine the public cloud and the supercomputing center.

"At the moment, we are reaching our limits in conventional cloud environments such as the Open Telekom Cloud," said Alfred Geiger, managing director of HWW, which is a supercomputer joint venture between T-Systems, Porsche AG, and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, in a statement. “At the supercomputing data center in Stuttgart, we can currently process workloads using over 180,000 cores, meaning this is up to 180 times more complex or faster.”