FCC Chairman Martin dictates his legacy

In a scoop for Broadcasting & Cable, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Kevin Martin defends his record, Dick Cheney-style. As a counterpoint, one purple pundit blasts the outgoing Martin in his blog

The outgoing chairman is described as "adamant, even defiant" in his actions to pressure cable companies to unbundle programming and control pricing, but also fesses up that the FCC couldn't figure out if cable has reached a concentration level high enough to require regulation for programming access.

Martin also hopes he'll be remembered for a successful DTV transition, admits he is a "tough manager," and defends his management style - one criticized by congressional Democrats who branded it as an abuse of power. He says he didn't come in with an agenda and has been more open than previous chairmen, and he feels he was able to promote more competition with video access.

He also feels that the biggest misconception about his term was that he was treating cable operators differently than phone companies, and he also notes that at some point during his time as chair many "every industry" the FCC had to regulate was "mad."  Not to mention all of the other FCC commissioners being mad at him at one point or another.

As an aside, Jeff Pulver had no love at all for the outgoing Chairman. Pulver's blog on Sunday blasted Martin for snubbing the VoIP industry and imposing wireline regulation that "sucked a lot of the air out of the VoIP revolution." Pulver is mad because Martin forbid FCC staffers to come to VON events at one point, failed to act on two petitions he filed, and never accepted an invitation to speak at VON during his tenure.

"I will be leading the cheer on behalf of the VoIP industry on the day that Chairman Martin leaves office," wrote Pulver.

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