Google suffers widespread Monday morning outage

Google services across Gmail, YouTube, Google Assistant, Google Drive, Google Classroom and Google Docs, among others, were down for about an hour Monday morning. Google users first noticed the widespread outage around 6:55 a.m. Eastern Time Monday morning, which led to hashtags such as "#YouTubeDOWN" to start trending on Twitter. 

Around 7:52 a.m. ET, most of Google's services and applications were running again but some users were still having issues with their Gmail accounts.

During its peak, the outage caused Google's outage page to turn red across its services and applications, but all of them were back to green by 11:30 ET.

According to DownDector, which is a site were users can report network outages, the number of problems with YouTube peaked at more than 124,000 while there were 31,000 issues with Gmail. Google Drive and Google websites didn't appear to suffer as big of an impact. DownDector also reported that the outage was global.

The outage also impacted smart home devices that were integrated with Google Assistant while third-party applications were also beset by problems since they couldn't connect as well.

While Google confirmed its services were up and running again Monday morning, it hasn't said what caused the outage.

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Over a year ago, Google suffered a network outage that started on the East Coast and lasted for more than four hours. That outage impacted social media companies, such as Snapchat, that rely on Google Cloud as well as Google's own services, including YouTube, Gmail, Google Search, G Suite, Google Drive, Nest, and Google Docs.