Huawei establishes Latin America cloud beachhead with new data center in Chile

While Huawei faces bans in the U.S. and other countries, it's open for business with a new data center in Chile.

The Chinese tech giant announced at this week's Huawei Cloud Chile Summit 2019 that it has opened the doors on a new cloud data center. Huawei Cloud will not only provide a full-stack cloud platform for Chile, but also for organizations elsewhere in Latin America, Huawei said in its press release.

"Huawei has been serving Chile for 16 years and has earned the trust of customers, partners, institutions, universities, and governments in the country," said Zou Zhilei, president of Huawei Latin America Region, in a prepared statement. "Huawei Cloud's mission here is to create a fertile environment for enterprises and governments to digitally transform and improve international competitiveness."

While the new data center is Huawei's first in Chile, Google and Digital Realty are among the cloud providers that are also looking at building data center facilities there, according to a story by Data Capacity

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Huawei Cloud said it could deliver domestic latency of 20 milliseconds, which is roughly the standard round-trip latency that's needed for network edge applications and services, and a latency of 50 milliseconds for other Latin American countries.

The Huawei Cloud Partner Network (HCPN) program was also announced at the Summit in Santiago, with 36 Huawei partners from around Latin America named as certified program partners. 

In addition to giving Huawei a foot in the door in Chile and South America, the program provides partners with business, technical, marketing, and go-to-market support for working with Huawei Cloud.

As of June, As of June 2019, Huawei Cloud and its partners have opened 23 regions with a total of 44 availability zones, and launched over 180 cloud services and 180 solutions.