Hurricane Electric debuts IPv6 professional services unit

If you're a business that does not have an IPv6 plan in place, Hurricane Electric is happy to help you develop one via its newly formed IPv6 professional services division.

Headed up by IPv6 evangelist Owen DeLong, the new division has been designed to help any size enterprise assess their network infrastructure is ready for the IPv4 to IPv6 transition. The new professional services division complements its suite of free IPv6 certification, DNS services and tunnel broker service.

Similar to efforts launched by large incumbent service providers AT&T (NYSE: T) and Verizon (NYSE: VZ), Hurricane Electric's IPv6 professional services division is in response the fact that the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) distributed the last 5 blocks of IPv4 addresses to the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). Hurricane Electric believes that the RIRs will distribute the addresses to ISPs and other entities by September 2011, meaning that there will be no IPv4 address left.  

Without a transition plan in place, an e commerce site could face possible revenue losses if consumers can't connect to their site.

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