Intelligent Fiber Network extends market reach with Connected2Fiber

Intelligent Fiber Network has selected Connected2Fiber to help provision its market expansion to more than 80,000 serviceable locations. Intelligent Fiber Network (INF) has expanded its use of The Connected World Platform, which is Connected2Fiber's core mapping and visualization platform, to identify new near net locations for its expansion.

Connected2Fiber provides location-based analytics and applications to network sellers and buyers. Connected2Fiber has said its The Connected World is the largest "credible" repository of network data and that it tracks over 3,600 network service providers while providing insights into more than 350 million locations.

IFN is using Connected2Fiber's platform to plot its market expansion to the new sites. The work has included using polygon drawing capabilities to gather location-based information on commercial buildings to identify markets where prospects have high levels of estimated network spend, are serviceable and belong to a certain industry vertical of interest.

"At IFN, our mission is to provide innovative, tailored technology solutions to our members, partners, and customers in the most effective, reliable, and economically sound way possible," said INF's Cory Childs, vice president of sales and marketing, in a statement. "Connected2Fiber has enabled our 21 members to identify and promote their serviceable footprint to the market in an automated way, which maximizes their ability to participate in deals and serve customers.

"Moreover, the use of The Connected World's insights helps us and our members plan for market expansion and grow in an intelligent way that enables us to provide even more customers with cutting-edge solutions."

IFN is currently evaluating further use of Connected2Fiber's platform, including using it to streamline the quoting process and better engage with its customers through a new portal capability.

"IFN as an organization is very impressive in the way they leverage technology to serve both their customers and member/owners," said Connected2Fiber CEO and founder Ben Edmond, in a statement. "They use The Connected World platform to create a digital footprint of their addressable market and then leverage the application workflow to take action and grow the organization. This broad view of the capabilities of our platform is exactly what we like to see in a client."

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In July, Boston-based Connected2Fiber, which was founded five years ago, announced it had closed a $5.3 million round of funding to bring its total to more than $14 million. Connected2Fiber’s data team uses GIS capabilities to map specific coordinates of over 10 million commercial locations in the United States alone.

Connected2Fiber's list of sellers includes multiple-system operators (MSOs), incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECS), and competitive access providers while buyers include carriers, competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs), and managed service providers (MSPs.) The company's roster of customers includes Uniti Fiber, Unitas Global and Fiberlight.