Masergy serves up advanced SD-WAN encryption for businesses

Masergy is giving its business customers another option to protect their data for software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) connections between applications and end users.

A key element is network configuration choice. Business customers can use either a hardware-based option or a virtualized network function running on the Masergy Intelligent Bridge (MIB). 

Leveraging a software and cloud-based architecture, WAN Encryption is the latest addition to the service provider's growing set of managed network functions. The service provider already offers routers, firewalls, session border controllers and WAN optimization.

With the WAN Encryption service, enterprises can leverage traffic from both dedicated WAN services and the Internet while maintaining full control over encryption policies and keys.

Ideally, this service pertains to customers who need to send highly sensitive data over public or private networks with strong encryption and service flexibility.

In addition, businesses can add managed WAN Encryption to Layers 2, 3 or 4 of their networks on a per-application basis. Among some of the features are software-defined traffic protection, simple policy management, and key controls.

Serving as the engine behind the service is Certes Networks' Crypto-Flow technology, which ensures communications integrity and provides a foundation for advanced access control that shrinks an enterprise's attack surface.

The new SD-WAN encryption service builds on previous efforts to create a software-based router and other capabilities via SDN such as its Network as a Service (NaaS) self-service option.

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