Nokia says its automation tool can manage multiple clouds

Nokia has developed an automation tool that it says will help service providers manage multiple cloud-based data centers. As operators roll out 5G, the number of these cloud-based data centers are expected to proliferate because they are needed to support the high volumes of data that will run over the 5G network.  

Nokia said that it is already conduction proof-of-concept trials of its Nokia Edge Automation tool with several service providers to help them better manage their cloud deployments and also lower their network operational expenses.

“With 5G, operators are increasingly having to deploy thousands of edge cloud sites to process the high volumes of data required to support the millions of 5G-enabled devices and systems running over the network,” said Stephane Teral, chief analyst at LightCounting Market Research. “This can create significant network complexity that can be challenge for operators to manage.”

Nokia has made the edge cloud a priority recently. Earlier this month the company made a flurry of announcements involving deals with the big cloud providers—Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud— and all were related to 5G.

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Nokia says its edge automation tool can help operators with that management. Specifically it can manage edge data planning integration, automate deployment and also handle software upgrades for any edge cloud infrastructure. It also can manage edge sites and support on-premises deployments for enterprise customers. Carriers can also use the tool to remotely detect, configure and update their edge site hardware, switches and servers and can upload, install and configure on-site cloud stacks, verify site deployments and configuration and trigger application deployments.

The Nokia Edge Automation can be used in conjunction with Nokia’s AirFrame Data Center Manager and it can be used with Cloud RAN, Open RAN, MEC and RAN Intelligent Controller as well as other virtualized software tools.