Nuage Networks strikes Middle East and Africa SD-WAN deal with OmniClouds

OmniClouds has tapped Nuage Networks' SD-WAN solution for deployment across the Middle East and Africa to help its customers' cloud migrations.

Nokia's Nuage Networks will build and operate its SD-WAN 2.0 network to help OmniCloud's customers connect to its enterprise customers over a large coverage area.

Among the various flavors of SD-WAN vendors, Nuage Networks has designed its SD-WAN platform to be used by service providers that want to white label it in order to offer SD-WAN to their own end customers.

Paired with Nuage Networks’ SD-WAN 2.0 solution, OmniClouds' customers will have a secure and scalable way to connect with data centers, private clouds, software-as-a-solution (SaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-solution (IaaS) providers. All of which will be particularly useful in a region where enterprises have historically lacked connections to their cloud environments, data centers and remote locations.

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OmniClouds will also use Nuage Networks' SD-WAN 2.0 platform, which was announced last month, as an overlay for existing connectivity technologies, such as IP-MPLS, microwave, satellite or public internet, to automate operations and improve connectivity over large geographic regions.

To help lower costs and speed up the adoption of cloud services, OmniClouds will use Nuage Networks’ SD-WAN gateways at each of the region’s main cloud service providers, which connect with SD-WAN customer premises equipment gateways at the enterprises’ data centers, headquarters and branch offices.