OmniClouds picks Versa Networks for SD-WAN across the Middle East and Africa

In order to branch out its services across the Middle Ease and Africa, OmniClouds has picked Versa Networks' SD-WAN solution.

OmniClouds, which is headquartered in Singapore, added Versa's secure SD-WAN offering to its software-defined networking (SDN) network. OmniClouds’ platform connects its enterprise customers’ branches and remote users to multiple public and private clouds, which enables cloud adoption across the Middle East and Africa.

OmniClouds will use Versa Cloud Gateways at each of the regions’ and counties’ main cloud service providers points of presence, which connect with Secure SD-WAN customer premises equipment (CPE) running Versa's operating system at the enterprises’ data centers, headquarters and branch operations.

In addition to enabling cloud services, the two companies said Versa's SD-WAN technology also reduced customers' operating cost, as well as enabling connectivity across distant locations.

In addition to providing full hybrid cloud connectivity, OmniClouds will also use Versa Networks as an overlay to existing connectivity technologies, such as IP-MPLS, microwave, satellite, LTE or the public internet, to automate operations and improve connectivity over large geographic regions.

“OmniClouds is a leader in optimizing, migrating, and supporting organizations’ migration from traditional internet connectivity models to modern, cloud-based network infrastructures,” said Versa Networks CEO Kelly Ahuja, in a statement. “Secure SD-WAN is the pervasive method for businesses and organizations to securely, reliably, and seamlessly connect their offices, teleworkers, employees, staff, and partners globally to private data centers, cloud services, and SaaS.

"Versa is excited to be working with OmniClouds to deliver the best-of-breed solution for the growing Middle East and Africa regions.”

Using Versa, OmniClouds' enterprise, government and SME customers will also benefit from a centralized management view of their entire networks, enabling them to control security, user permissions and parameters, such as latency and quality of service. 

With more services, applications and workloads moving to the cloud due to the coronavirus pandemic, OmniClouds can deliver secure SD-WAN remote access to its customers without the need for additional hardware devices.

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In June, Versa Networks launched Versa Secure Access, which was designed to provide SD-WAN and security capabilities for employees that are now working-from-home (WFH.) The Versa Secure Access offering is based on the Versa Operating System and it works on users' end devices across Windows, Apple OS and Apple iOS devices, which eliminates the need for customer premises equipment in a home office.

The Versa Secure Access Client uses an automatic installation model that runs across any access link including wired, wireless, cellular, and remote access.

As the only pure-play SD-WAN vendor left, Versa Networks has an acquisition target on its back, according to GigaOm analyst Chris Grundemann.