Sparklight Business turns up optical wavelength service

Sparklight Business is off and running with the launch of a new optical wavelength service on its fiber backbone. The wavelength service provides dedicated, point-to-point, high-capacity data network service to business and carrier customers throughout its 21-state footprint.

Optical wavelength services enable medium and large-sized businesses to transport large quantities of data at speeds ranging from 10 to 100 Gbps over a low-latency, low-jitter dedicated throughput. It's widely considered to be one of the most secure delivery methods for data sensitive organizations and government agencies.

“Businesses today are managing very large amounts of sensitive data that must move quickly, securely and reliably. Wavelength will enable our customers to do just that by providing them with access to high broadband transport without the cost of developing and maintaining their own network infrastructure,” said Sparklight's Chris Boone,  senior vice president of business services and emerging markets, in a statement. “This new service will accommodate the high-capacity bandwidth needs of our customers well into the future, and is just one more way Sparklight Business is working to support the needs of business and carrier customers in the communities we serve.”

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Sparklight Business provisioned the new service using Nokia and Wavelite equipment, according to a company spokesperson. Additional U.S. service providers that also offer optical wavelength services included