TDS Telecom extends 1 Gbps internet service to businesses in 6 states

TDS Telecom is bringing its 1 Gbps fiber-based broadband service to local businesses where it has a strong fiber presence, extending a similar service it has been delivering to residential customers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets over its FTTH network.

Under the new plan, the service provider will offer 1 Gbps internet service in various towns across six states: Georgia, Indiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Tennessee and Wisconsin. In all, TDS will offer the service across 27 towns throughout these states.

TDS 1 Gbps business services State Towns
  Georgia St. Marys
  Indiana Roachdale
  Minnesota  Monticello
  New Hampshire Chichester
    New London
  Tennessee Farragut
    Mount Juliet
  Wisconsin Black Earth
    Johnson Creek
    New Munster
Source: TDS Telecom    

“For years, TDS has been deploying fiber optics throughout the region,” said Shane West, VP of marketing and product development at TDS, in a release. “Now, because of our investment, we’re able to expand Gig service to businesses.”  

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Up till now, TDS’ 1 Gbps focus has been on delivering services to residential customers over its FTTH network. As of the end of 2016, TDS had deployed fiber to 22% of its ILEC service addresses.

Bringing 1 Gbps service to businesses that reside in its ILEC territories makes sense since it has already installed the necessary fiber and related equipment to serve the residential areas, which are often not far from local businesses and even municipal locations like police and fire stations.  

TDS’ plan is similar to what its larger ILEC counterpart CenturyLink did to equip several buildings in Utah with fiber-based service. The service provider is responding to its business customers’ needs to get faster access to cloud-based services.

While it did not call out any other specific services it will offer over the fiber connection, TDS could potentially offer these customers the cloud services it delivers to customers via its OneNeck division, including hybrid cloud and public cloud.