TelePacific employs Overture 6500 platform for Ethernet expansion

TelePacific is enhancing its Ethernet delivery power by selecting Overture Networks' 6500 multi-service Ethernet service delivery platform.

By deploying the 6500 platform, TelePacific said it will be able to better accommodate the delivery of Ethernet services over multiple delivery methods on both fiber and copper.

Today, the competitive provider delivers Ethernet services to businesses with speeds that range from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

Throughout its footprint in California, Nevada and Texas, the service provider delivers its services through a mix of over 400 ILEC Ethernet-equipped local serving offices (LSOs), 50,000 fiber-served buildings and fixed wireless networks.

Ethernet over Copper (EoC) has been a major part of TelePacific's Ethernet portfolio.

The EoC product fits in with TelePacific's new "three Cs" strategy that addresses connect, cloud and continuity.

"The three Cs is a simple and elegant way in our view to simplify the broad product line that we developed over the year that includes basic connectivity services, cloud, and continuity," said David Zahn, VP of marketing for TelePacific, in an interview with FierceTelecom.

What has enabled TelePacific to go to market with its 3 Cs strategy is its Ethernet ecosystem, which includes all of the different Ethernet access technologies, whether that be traditional copper, fiber or fixed wireless.

"Our Ethernet ecosystem is a term we use internally that speaks to the infrastructure that we built to leverage all the Ethernet access technologies that are available or third-party fiber providers--or whatever forms of access we can get our hands on—we have integrated those into our Ethernet ecosystem," Zahn said. "It's really the basis or the platform that enables us to go to market with the 3 Cs."

Given the diversity of locations that TelePacific serves, none of its customers can be served by the same access medium. Copper-based T-1s and Ethernet over Copper (EoC) have become a large part of the access arsenal it has to support its suite of IP-based products like SIP trunking and cloud services.

"Overture is part of the Ethernet over Copper strategy that we deployed," Zahn said. "We've been very aggressive with Ethernet over Copper and we offer 8 and 24 port maximum transmission units (MTUs) and sometimes we'll do 48 port MTUs so we pushed the envelope with Ethernet over Copper." 

Earlier this year, the service provider entered into an interconnection agreement with fellow competitive provider Alpheus Communications that gave it immediate access to 129,000 Texas business locations. Having this access and the Overture equipment in place will enable TelePacific to extend more services to the new customers it gained when it purchased TelWest.

"We're looking to do the same thing in Texas that we have done in California in terms of growing and in terms of the strategy it's not too different," Zahn said. "In Texas we don't have as many EoC wire centers, but we have an arrangement with Alpheus to help us get access to pretty broad Ethernet over Copper coverage from them." 

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This article was updated on Nov. 18 with additional information from TelePacific.