U.K. ISP Zzoomm teams up with Adtran for 10G FTTH rollout

Zzoom is fueling its fiber-to-the-home ambitions in the U.K. by partnering with Adtran to build out a 10G network to cover 1 million homes in underserved suburbs and towns.

In order to serve those areas, Zzoomm is using Adtran's next-generation XGS-PON solution and gear to deliver an all-fiber, symmetrical 10 Gps service to homes and businesses. Zzoomm is targeting its services to the suburbs of London as well as smaller towns and cities across the U.K.

Currently, there are 30 million homes and businesses in the U.K., but only 2 million have access to fiber networks and the high-speed broadband services they deliver, according to Adtran's press release.

"Zzoomm’s goal is to connect our subscribers with the services needed to work, learn and play when and where they want,” Zzoomm Chief Executive Matthew Hare said in a prepared statement. "To accomplish that, we need a technology partner that is keen to understand our business and what we need to meet our goals.”

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Zzoomm, which officially launched last month after it was announced in December, is targeting areas where existing operators, such as BT, have deployed copper-based infrastructure. Virgin Media has been actively deploying fiber-to-the-premises technology, with speeds of up to 362 Mbps, across the U.K. through its "Project Lightning."

While the all-fiber XGS PON deployments will be costly, they will future-proof Zzoomm's networks going forward. Zzoomm is slated to start working on its FTTH rollouts this summer.

Zzoom was founded by Hare, who previously founded rural provider Gigaclear in 2010. Gigaclear was acquired by Infracapital last year.