VMware bolsters network monitoring and troubleshooting with Veriflow deal

VMware announced on Friday that it's buying privately held Veriflow to beef up its pervasive network monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities.

In a Friday blog post announcing the deal, VMware's Ajay Singh said Veriflow is an innovator in network verification, assurance and troubleshooting for enterprises.

"Their product helps customers model, analyze, and verify their hybrid networks to allow IT teams to operate, increase the security of, and build resilient networks," said Singh, senior vice president and general manager of the cloud management business solutions. "Veriflow’s technology provides problem detection for critical network issues (physical and virtual)."

Veriflow, which was founded in 2013, provides network software modeling that includes verifying network connectivity and applications availability. Singh said it also provides preflight modeling and "what if" capabilities to analyze proposed network changes, which can reduce network outages and maintenance windows.

VMware plans to invest and integrate Veriflow into its vRealize Network Insight to increase its capabilities for overall networking monitoring and troubleshooting. According to Crunchbase, Veriflow's total funding was $11.1 million prior to the acquisition by VMware.

VMware has been on a shopping spree this summer. The company announced last month it was buying Uhana, which provides AI and machine learning optimization for mobile networks. VMware also bought virtual application delivery controller (ADC) vendor Avi Networks earlier this summer and Bitfusion in July. Using machine learning, Bitfusion can help businesses optimize their workloads with GPU accelerators.

"I find it interesting that VMware is amassing a collection of leading edge network technologies," said Lee Doyle, principal analyst at Doyle Research. "Some people call that a string of pearls. I assume they will leverage them together, and how they will do that will be noteworthy."

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