Wix partners with Vodafone to help bring SMBs in the U.K. online

In order to help business build an online presence, Vodafone is partnering with website developer Wix.

Wix, which has over 180 million registered users worldwide, will first be available to Vodafone's business customers in the U.K. through its Vodafone Business Marketplace platform starting at just over $13 per month. Vodafone will launch the Wix platform into other Vodafone markets in the near future.

By using Wix, Vodafone  customers can build an online presence via a website or online store, Vodafone customers can pick a Wix subscription package that best suits their needs, including launching a professional business website and adding online capabilities such as a store to sell products or online scheduling and appointment booking.

Vodafone's customers also have online access to a technician to guide them through the steps of setting up their websites including choosing a domain name, a website theme and the initial website design via Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (Wix ADI), as well as training on website creation and maintenance.

Wix said the partnership with Vodafone was a key milestone its newly launched Wix Channels initiative, which expands Wix's global growth by enabling international service providers to sell Wix website subscriptions and business solutions directly to their customers.

Small to medium-sized (SMBs) were among the hardest hit sectors during the coronavirus pandemic as they worked around shelter-in-place policies and quarantines. The Covid-19 has led to many businesses increasing their digital tools and online presence going forward.  

"It's essential that small businesses have the best possible digital tools if they're going to survive this incredibly difficult period," said Anne Sheehan, business director for Vodafone UK, in a statement. "Our Marketplace puts these tools together in one place with unique customer benefits. This partnership with Wix is another way we're helping customers to launch and grow their business online."

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