Altice debuts Optimum Complete bundle of wireless and broadband

Charter and Comcast both reported nice increases in their Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) subscriptions for the first quarter 2023. Both cable operators offer their internet subscribers a bundle, which includes broadband and wireless.

So, it isn’t surprising that today Altice USA’s Optimum brand introduced a converged internet and mobile offering called Optimum Complete with various pricing options.

Altice’s Optimum MVNO rides on T-Mobile’s network.

Although Optimum has had an MVNO offering for a few years, it hasn’t put much focus on it. As of year-end 2022, it counted only 240,000 wireless subscribers.

However, during its Q4 2022 earnings call in February, Altice USA’s CEO Dennis Mathew alluded to the upcoming converged offering. He said wireless was a largely untapped opportunity for Optimum, and it would be a focus for the company moving forward.

“I am excited about wireless being a key product in our portfolio,” said Mathew. “I'm excited about being the connectivity provider of choice in the communities that we serve. We are actively working on a new pricing packaging that brings broadband and mobile together with even more value.”

Optimum Complete, which Altice announced today, offers bundles at various service levels and price points.

The premier tier features Optimum 5 Gig fiber plus unlimited mobile data for $125 per month. And on the low end customers can get Optimum 300 Mbps fiber plus mobile data, talk and text for $45 per month. After one year, prices go up, as specified in the fine print.

As of February, Optimum had 137 retail stores where it sells both its broadband service as well as mobile. And in its last earnings call Mathews said the company will likely increase the number of those stores this year.

Altice USA reports its first quarter 2023 earnings this week, when the company will undoubtedly elaborate on its wireless goals.

In terms of converged offerings, analyst Craig Moffett with MoffettNathanson, recently wrote that the wireless bundle is increasingly substituting for the fading video bundle at cable companies.

“Charter is executing the convergence strategy better than anyone else in cable,” wrote Moffett.