The Five Nine Podcast: Jeremy Bolton, Executive Director, Visible

Jeremy Bolton, recently named Executive Director at Visible, has been a part of this prepaid’s story pretty much from the start. Visible is Verizon’s prepaid arm, and Jeremy has played a key role in its strategic and technology direction before becoming its new leader.

Avid listeners will recall our 2022 interview with Angie Klein, then CEO of Visible. We discussed far ranging topics from their positioning to the marketing persona they were looking to attract. With Jeremy, we had the opportunity to not only check-in some 12 months later on their progress, but get more in-depth details about their strategy to deploy eSIMs, how they see an increasingly competitive prepaid landscape (just this month, Fierce Wireless reported on the opening of the floodgates for cable cos to enter the wireless space, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, with companies like Cox already launching its own MVNO service earlier this year).

Jeremy and his team at Visible remain steadfast in their approach to target single-line users looking for an easy switch and painless experience. Surprisingly, a significant number of Americans still visit a physical store to switch their cellular service, so the growth there is easy to see.

Of course, innovation is never an easy road. In 2022, Fierce Wireless reported on some issues that customers were facing with porting their numbers and eSIM portability, a problem that was compounded by the apparent lack of sufficient customer service agents to address these concerns in a timely manner.

Jeremy is clear; they’ve learned from the experience, placed more agents, and worked to resolve issues. However, Jeremy also makes the point that they must be attentive to all of the different ways their customers share their frustrations. For this reason, they are active on forums such as Reddit, where a lot of their customer base interacts, albeit not a usual spot for telecom (or any other) customer services.

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