T-Mobile, Sprint plan to build 5 customer experience centers if merger succeeds

T-Mobile and Sprint are trying to generate some positive momentum for their proposed merger, which has come under increased scrutiny of late. The companies announced a plan to build five new customer experience centers around the country that will each create an average of 1,000 jobs—if the merger passes regulatory muster.

Wednesday's announcement comes just days after the leaders of T-Mobile and Sprint were officially summoned to Capitol Hill for a hearing about their proposed merger scheduled for next month. The companies added that, if the merger is approved, they will also expand two T-Mobile centers that will create more jobs.

Altogether, the plans will cumulatively create up to 5,600 customer care jobs by 2021, according to the companies. However, the new jobs would not be enough to offset the 30,000 job losses the Communications Workers of America projects will occur if the merger goes through. The union estimates 25,500 employees would lose jobs from the elimination of retail stores, and about 4,500 employees would be terminated in duplicate corporate positions.

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The first of the five new customer experience centers will be built in Overland Park, Kansas, the current headquarters for Sprint and what would become the “New T-Mobile’s” secondary headquarters if the merger is approved. Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kansas, and Gov. Laura Kelly both applauded the announcement in prepared statements that highlight the addition of jobs and an expansion of the Overland Park complex.

“Bringing a customer experience center to Overland Park will be a huge job creator for Kansas City, and is a great first step in3 shaping what HQ2 will become,” Sprint Executive Chairman Marcelo Claure said in a prepared statement.

“The heroes who work in our customer experience centers show customers every day why they chose the Un-carrier—and that will not change with the New T-Mobile,” T-Mobile CEO John Legere said in a prepared statement. “We said the New T-Mobile will employ more people from day one than T-Mobile and Sprint would have separately—and we mean it.”