Verizon unveils new unlimited plan

Verizon is adding a new data plan called Above Unlimited and said it will also allow customers to use multiple unlimited plans on one account.

"We declare the end of the one-size fits all family plan," said Ronan Dunne, president of Verizon's wireless division. "People don't like paying more for the stuff they don't need." Dunne said that some groups or families might want to pay for premium features like HD video or LTE mobile hotspot use for just one member of the group, and Verizon's new unlimited plan will allow this.

"Starting June 18, you can mix and match different unlimited plans designed to meet each member of your family's needs," Dunne said. "Now that you can mix and match, every person in your family gets the plan they need, without paying for things they don’t."

Verizon is also adding a new plan it calls Above Unlimited. The carrier says Above Unlimited will include "better features, performance and global access." Above Unlimited includes 75 gigabytes of LTE data along with HD video streaming, 20 gigabytes of LTE mobile hotspot use, 5 TravelPass sessions per month and 500 GB of cloud storage. The price is $60 per line per month for four lines.

Verizon notes that when the network is congested, data speeds may be slower. Customers with Verizon's Beyond Unlimited plan can use up to 22 gigabytes of data before experiencing slower speeds, and customers of its Above Unlimited plan can use up to 75 gigabytes per month before experiencing slower speeds. 

With Above Unlimited, Verizon will now have three different unlimited plans: Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited. Go Unlimited is the least expensive; customers can pay as little as $40 per month per line if they have four lines.

A single unlimited line is $75 with Go Unlimited, $85 with Beyond Unlimited and $95 with Above Unlimited. Customers must enroll in AutoPay to take advantage of the plans.

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Verizon's announcement comes on the same day that Sprint said it would end its most recent unlimited offer, a deeply discounted $15-per-month per line plan, as of Friday, June 15. Sprint said the customer response to that plan was overwhelming.